BlackGrid, a Los Angeles SEO Firm, is a full-service search engine marketing Agency that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), web design and social media management – all which aims to improve BlackGrid’s clients’ bottom line through increased sales, by pushing them ahead on the internet against their competition. The company’s headquarters is based in Los Angeles, California.

BlackGrid’s Core Values:

1) Our businesses and relationships are managed with full integrity and rigor.
2) We strive in creating ongoing mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and partnerships.
3) We focus on our clients before anything else, as we view our interactions as more than just a mere business transaction.
4) We embody the spirit of the challenge, striving to tackle the hardest of problems. If our ambitions aren’t terrifyingly formidable, then we aren’t pushing ourselves hard enough. Only then we know that we have served our clients at the highest level possible.
5) We set our standards at a realistically attainable level, yet we continue to go above and beyond in exceeding our work.


Nabil Jalil
SEO Expert

Chief Operating Officer

Amir Lechner
Los Angeles SEO Expert


Matthew Agostinho
SEO Marketing

VP of Business Development

Shane Reezal

Chief Analytics Officer

Jeremy Lim

Web Development Lead

Shi-Kwan Tan

Chief Designer

Farvin Kadir

Project Manager

Dan Abbas
Digital Marketing Expert